Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some of my favorite (favourite) Canadian moments so far. . .

1) Looking through information on homeowners insurance coverage, I was (not) surprised to find that “bear damage” is a covered peril!

2) Taking an online course about insurance in Canada, I was (not) surprised to find that they used hockey analogies to explain insurance concepts.

3) A member of the employee activities committee at my new employer was telling me what activities they had organized over the past year. I was (not) surprised to find that one of the activities had been to take everyone to play curling.

4) One of my co-workers at my new company was telling me a story. Here is the dialog(ue).

Co-worker: One time there was a bomb threat at the company next door so we had to evacuate our building.
Me: Oh, so did you all go home then?
Co-worker: No! We all went to Tim Horton’s!

5) Canadians end sentences with "eh" just as much as we sterotype them to do. But, they actually use “eh” in their e-mail messages as well. Example of something I received in e-mail: “It’s been busy today, eh?”

6) As most Americans probably don’t know, they are having a federal election in Canada in October. I have seen and read a lot about it, but I wasn’t sure what exact day their election was on. Yesterday morning, I asked one of my co-workers what day their election was on. He thought for a moment and then said, “I have no idea. . .but there are only 44 days until the US election!”

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